Graffiti Removal

Graffiti-300pxWide.pngThe proliferation of Graffiti has adversely impacted virtually thousands of communities. Not only does it undermine the architectural themes and aesthetic quality of both businesses and residences, it also diminishes their valueŚnot to mention act as a deterrent to customers who might otherwise patronize their retail outlets.

Regrettably, many remedies designed to remove graffiti have actually resulted in a different set of potentially very expensive problems. For example: pressure washing has proven to be ineffective at completely removing graffiti while sandblasting can seriously damage or even destroy original surfaces. Furthermore, Soda Blasting has not only proven to be less than totally successful at graffiti removal but it also can be lethal to nearby vegetation and landscape.

The Perfect Solution

DustlexVSSandBlating.jpgHowever, A to Z Mobile Dustless Blasting represents the perfect solution in that it not only completely removes all traces of graffiti but does so without damaging any original surfaces. Additionally, because it uses recycled glass it is 100% environmentally inert thus posing no threat to vegetation.


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